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REOver - REO homes and Foreclosure listings including government foreclosures provides U.S. CountryWide free search service by foreclosure listings and REO (Real Estate Owned) properties from all foreclosed property owners like HUD, Banks, VA and etc.

Foreclosure Process

"Foreclosure" is a difficult term. It refers to a tripartite process:
  • 1. Pre-foreclosure or Short Sale - Begins when the property owner misses payments (becoming "delinquent"). The financial obligation of paying the mortgage weren’t met and the lender starts the foreclosure process with a "notice of default."
  • 2. Auction - ("step sale" or "trustee's sale") The property is put up for auction by lender. After the sale, the lender will get remains after any fees and other charges. (If there is any left over money, the homeowner can be repaid as well.)
  • 3. Post-foreclosure - This applies to a property that has not sold at the auction and is then repossessed. Once repossessed, it is usually referred to as a REO (Real Estate Owned), by a government agency or a lender.

Search real estate listings from all United States including REO homes, HUD foreclosures, auctions foreclosures and many other REO for sale listings.

Our listings include Foreclosure/REO homes from lenders like Fenny Mae, Bank of America, IndyMac, Wells Fargo, Ocwen, HSBC and more US countrywide.

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We all know many places where is Real estate professionals and buyers can search real estate listings. However a lot of these services provide listings with restrictions like registration required or search for one REO Lander or state and etc. Our site provide full access to REO Homes, Bank REO, Government REO listings U.S. countrywide including all U.S. States, Cities and Counties and all REO lenders. Feel Free to search REO homes and foreclosure listings on our web site.

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